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homeless in the city 

a fine art documented photo series 

by Anna Sibel

Nightcrawler is an ongoing project of mine that speaks on the issues of homelessness in the

United States. It also addresses the psychology behind the blinders we have become accustom

 to throwing on once faced with the subject. 

I have been documenting homelessness for over a decade while living in New York City, crawling the streets late at night to the early mornings taking pictures or painting.   I was advised away from the subject as a photographer by mentors, which in turn, challenged me as an artist.

How do you get people to see 'homeless' in a new light so they want to help? How can I help?


Outta sight, outta mind - is the concept of comfort I aim to challenge. 

While traveling around the country pre and post pandemic, I was able to capture and compare a handful of different cities homeless population to what I had known years prior. 

The change was incomprehensible and the cry for help has been drowned out by complete 

chaos within the country.


By taking each subject out of their environment and using the night lighting from the streets,

I created an abstract series hoping to lure the eye to find pleasure in the image; without realizing its true identity.

All profits from gallery sales will be donated to:

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